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I have been creating Art in various forms for most of my life. I studied fine art at the Swain School of Design in the early eighties. My sense of fashion was inspired at an early age by my Mother, whose grace and style I fell in love with.  I also adopted my father’s love of building and creating things, as well as his appreciation and fascination with nature. It inspired me that he was able to find beauty in every living tree or plant.

Today, most of my work is also inspired by my love of fashion and admiration of the many beautiful and stylish women who have touched my life.  My goal is to find the perfect balance between Art and fashion.  I aim to create original, one of a kind pieces that will bring joy to the women who wear them. I love pieces that can be worn with either basic jeans or a fancy black dress. I am inspired by the colors of nature, the scenic sky, and now, by the awesome mountains that surround my home.

My other passion is cooking and I am currently working on a vegan cookbook. Good health is so precious and the true key to living a full life. Being a vegan has impacted my life in so many ways. I have become more compassionate toward animals and the environment. This has brought about my current obsession into fruition. I am working with recycled items to create bags, belts, scarves and my personal favorite, cuffs. I love layering different fabrics, and adding dye and paint to make these little gems.  I hope you will enjoy wearing some of my pieces. Peace and Love, Nancy xoxoxoxo


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